Roofs built in copper, stainless steel, aluminium & zinc

Why use metal?

Why use metal?

Roofing materials are required to give a long life, be aesthetically pleasing, be easily and economically applied, require little or no maintenance and be environmentally friendly. Copper, stainless steel and zinc embody these qualities better than any other material.

Cost Effectiveness

Over the long-term, metal roofing is the most cost-effective. A typical metal roof can last over 100 years whereas other roofing materials need to be replaced, sometimes more than once, during that time.

Minimum maintenance

A properly installed copper, stainless steel or zinc roof is a once-and-once-only job, with little or no maintenance required. Copper and zinc gradually develop a durable patina, which reforms if damaged, while stainless steel is inherently resistant to corrosion. No chemicals are needed – the roof is resistant to decay and naturally fire proof.

Low weight

Copper, zinc and stainless steel are much lighter than other roofing materials and require less structural support. There is a consequent reduction in cost throughout the whole project.

Environmentally Neutral

Today’s society is increasingly looking at environmental costs. Copper, zinc and stainless steel are completely recyclable, thus lowering demand on resources and energy.


Very formable and ideal for cladding complicated details and shapes, copper, zinc and stainless steel can be dramatically modern or discreetly traditional. Whether it be the luminous green of copper, the rich warm matt grey of zinc or the sheen of stainless steel, a metal roof enhances any building.